Who we are

Pioneering the Skies with Innovation and Excellence

At Yesari Group, our journey is propelled by a single, unwavering vision: to redefine the boundaries of the aerospace industry through groundbreaking UAV technology. We are more than just a company; we are a beacon of innovation, a nexus where bold ideas merge with precision engineering to create UAV solutions that are not just effective, but transformative.

Founded in the heart of Sarajevo, by Muhamed Ljevaković, Yesari Group emerged from a fusion of world-class expertise in aerospace engineering and a revolutionary approach to software. Our roots are deeply entwined with a commitment to excellence, a passion for innovation, and an unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge aerial solutions.

Our Vision

To be the foremost innovator and global leader in UAV technology, transforming the realms of aerial surveillance and security. Our vision is to pioneer a future where our advanced, sustainable, and customizable UAV solutions set new standards in the aerospace industry. We aim to empower governments, defense agencies, and private entities with superior aerial capabilities, contributing to a safer and more secure world. By continuously advancing our technology and expertise, Yesari Group envisions shaping the future of unmanned aerial systems, where our solutions are synonymous with excellence, reliability, and ethical utilization in global security and surveillance operations.

Our Mission

At Yesari Group doo our mission is to revolutionize the field of aerial surveillance and security through the innovative use of cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art UAVs that provide unparalleled performance, reliability, and versatility for loitering and surveillance missions. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and ethical responsibility guides our operations, as we strive to deliver innovative solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of defense, security, and surveillance sectors worldwide. By pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we aim to enhance safety, efficiency, and effectiveness for our clients, while upholding the highest standards of quality and innovation in every UAV we produce.

More About Yesari Group

Our team, a diverse mosaic of skilled engineers, visionary designers, and strategic thinkers, is united by a common goal: to engineer the skies of tomorrow. We are driven by the challenges of today and inspired by the potential of the future. Our UAVs are not mere machines; they are embodiments of our ambition to elevate the standards of aerial surveillance, agriculture, environmental monitoring, and beyond.

At the core of our ethos lies a profound respect for the legacy we are creating. We are not just building UAVs; we are crafting the future of aerial technology.


Our journey is fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Each UAV we design is a testament to our commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability. We harness the power of our proprietary 3D printing technology to create UAVs that are not only lighter and stronger but also customizable to the unique demands of our diverse clientele.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our existence. We don’t just adapt to change; we drive it. Our proprietary electronics and software systems, developed in-house, are designed to offer unparalleled performance and versatility. With Yesari Group, the sky is not the limit; it’s our playground.

As we look to the horizon, we see a world where our UAVs soar in every sky, enhancing security, aiding in conservation, revolutionizing agriculture, and opening new vistas in research and exploration. We are committed to being at the forefront of this aerial revolution, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Welcome to Yesari Group where imagination takes flight, and the future is forged in the clouds.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we soar into the future, embodying the spirit of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and the quest for a better tomorrow. At Yesari Group, we are not just flying; we are leading the way in the sky-high dance of technological advancement and human aspiration.

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